Dinner at strangers? An idea from Krakow wins the Web

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Autor: Karolina Gawlik

To go for a dinner to a stranger’s house, eat with strangers and moreover to pay for it – where’s the point of it? In the taste and in the people.

Most of you heard about the TV show “Come Dine With Me”, where several chefs, cook in their houses, invite each other and then rate. Eataway is a similar initiative, but without the element of competition. The website is not only a database of cooks, but rather some kind of society. Unless you prepare a meal yourself, it doesn’t require any effort. You just sign up online, select your city and then choose a dinner.

I was scared off by the prices

I have heard about the website for the first time last year, but somehow I never tried it. I was scared away by the prices, and I preferred going to the restaurant with my friends. But everyone knows how it is with restaurants, you need to do some research before you eat. On Eataway Cooks’ ratings are clearly visible, like on Uber or Booking. What is important, food from various parts of the world is mostly prepared by people who are natives. I have mostly came across Polish or oriental cuisine but there are lots of registered cooks.

My first time

My first dinner was oriental cuisine. In the role of hosts Natalia and Wu in a small apartment in Krowodrza. She was a food photographer from Cracow, and he was a sushi master of Taiwanese origin from Brazil. They have met when he was doing a doctorate in metallurgy. He was missing Cracow so much, that he came back three months after leaving. They share the love for sushi so while Wu was in Poland, they wanted to share it with others - that’s how they found Eataway.

Vegetarian tempura, six variants of sushi (futomaki with beetroot were the best tasting and looking) and ribs in mayonnaise-mustard sauce, typical for Brazilian cuisine – that’s what was served. Additionally wine and cakes brought by guests. Price: only 35 zloty. Usually however the price is higher, 80 zloty on average.

Food in the background.

I have immediately got along with the hosts. After first fifteen minutes I knew that food – while still being important – will remain in the background. And indeed the people were the greatest thing about Eataway. Aged between 24 and 86, originated from Bazil, Poland and USA. I have met famous retired biochemist, a blogger, meditation organizer, guitarist and the founder of Eataway – Marta. Only one evening was enough.

An idea borne of “Frustration”

Eataway is a website that was born in Marta’s apartment in Salwator. It has already been translated into 16 languages, and employs ten people. Apart from participating in dinners, you can also order food to your home. Marta wants to conquer the world with this.

It got on my nerves that in tourist cities it is so hard to get good food, that’s why I founded eataway. Especially when you are from a different country, you’d like to meet locals instead of sitting in a bar.

Marta Bradshaw, Eataway founder

The prices might put you off at first. But when I saw what a big responsibility it is to cook for so many people, I changed my mind. In may cases, the price charged for the meal simply covers the cost incurred by the cooks. There are some cooks that treat it like a business, but they are honest about it.

What is priceless

In today’s fast-moving world, what we are missing is sitting, chatting and laughing together. And it is perfect when you can do exactly that during a delicious dinner that someone has put their heart into preparing. More importantly, Eataway is striving to build this network at a very local level, amongst neighbours. Think about it? Can you imagine if you feel like eating some good Polish food and you can just hop across the road to eat with Maria in the next door apartment block!

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